Welcome to My Muscle Club! You love to work out and you want to look like the muscle heads in the muscle mags and in your gym, right? Well with My Muscle Club you can and will learn all you need to know about how to maximimize your muscles, stay fit and healthy and all without using anabolic steroids or any other BS supplements you may be thinking actually works to build those big a$$ muscles you always wanted!

Now, you may be thinking to yourself right now, “yeah, yeah, I’ve heard all about this before, what makes My Muscle Club any different from the other guys out there who have said the same damn thing?” Great question! Well with My Muscle Club you are going to be learning from not just one or two “wanna be trainers” and “bro science geeks.” No, no. You are going to learning the very best from the most elite muscle building trainers, bodybuilders, fitness models and nutritionists from around the world, who use actual science, biochemistry and biology to get the best and most out of every single muscle in your body properly and effectively!

My name is Stephen Rummey and I am the owner here at My Muscle Club and I was just like many of you, skinny and desperate to gain some good decent muscle and after years of learning from the guys who I will show you in this website such as, Dave Ruel, Vince Delmonte, Ben Pakulski, Kyle Leon and many more, I have gained the knowledge and the ability to know what it takes to gain muscle and keep it on, all naturally and organically.

But enough about me, go explore My Muscle Club to start learning yourself and then go hit the gym and/or your health food/grocery store and start packing on those awesome pounds of muscle you’ve always wanted!

Cheers to your new found muscle and fitness dreams come true!

Stephen Rummey
Founder & CEO


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